Models Wanted!

Girls - become a model overnight!
Boyfriends - shoot your girl at home!
Scouts - earn for finding a model!
No special requirements or conditions!
Possibility to sell us your selfies!
No experience needed!
Look is not important!
Face may stay hidden!
Talents can prosper further!
Long term cooperation possible!
Stop modeling any time you like!
The easiest way to earn cash!

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Don't miss this great opportunity to become a model and earn lots of money!

Terms and conditions for modeling:

  • The only strict condition is that you must be a woman between 18-50 years of age.
  • There are no other special requirements, we can engage almost any type of model.
  • Height is not important at all, actually we even prefer shorter models over tall ones.
  • Weight is not important at all, you can be skinny or fat and still be a successful model.
  • You don't have to look like a fashion top model, we need ordinary nextdoor type of girls.
  • Experience in modeling is not needed, just be yourself, pose naturally and it's all fine.
  • Photos can be shot by us, by your boyfriend or by yourself, (different forms of engagement).
  • There is a possibility to shoot content with hidden face, blurred face or wearing a mask.
  • We can work this out as a long term cooperation, if you are able to model on regular basis.
  • You are free to stop modeling any time you like, no strings attached.
  • Earnings may vary and among other things, mainly depend on niche of photography.
  • We pay you in cash on the shoot or by bank wire if you shoot the pics yourself.
  • Girls with special talents or special looks have more chance to prosper further in career.
  • If you are a scout and you find a girl who starts working for us, we'll pay you a nice reward.
  • If you are a photographer, we may be interested in buying photosets and videos from you.
  • If you are a boyfriend, submit pictures of your girlfriend and we will reply with the proposal.
  • For more info and details related to modeling opportunities, feel free to contact us via email.

Example of application photo:

Apply right now:

For the starts, we will need some basic data:

  • your age
  • your height
  • your weight
  • your location
  • types of photography you will do
  • types of photography you will not do
  • full body pics (see the example)

Please send it all to Webmaster via email and we will reply as soon as possible:


We need ALL types of models for ALL kinds of content, but we also have some special engagements for a special kind of girls:

Engagement "A": We need a cute girl to pose in clothes, but on the edge of nudity. She has to be "young looking" and considered as a "teen" by Internet standards, although the real age of model can go up to 30 or more years. Weight under 55kg, height not important.
Engagement "B": We need a big, fat, plump, voluptuous woman of any age. Her weight should be over 70kg, the more the better. Big boobs are a huge plus, but not mandatory at all.
Engagement "C": We need a thin, slim, slender, skinny girl, which may also be considered as "anorexic". Her weight should be less then 50kg. Height not important. Age not important. Flat chest a big plus.
Engagement "D": We need a girl with extraordinary anal capabilities. Her anus should be able to handle large objects, deep insertions, fisting and to be able to perform anal gapping and prolapse. Look is absolutely irrelevant.
Engagement "E": We need a pregnant model for all kinds of photography, soft and hard as well. Bigger belly is a must, which means she should be in later stages of pregnancy. No other conditions.